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Angie has been with our office for 14 years, she is originally from Stanton Ky where she attended Powell county high school. She then went on to CKTCS in Lexington and since then she has been working in Lexington in our office. Angie is an integral part of our office and her interpersonal skills and pa tient relations are some of the main things that sets us apart from our competition. Here is what Angie has to say about our office:

Hi! Welcome to Southside Chiropractic!

My name is Angie Jones. I graduated college from Central KY Community College in Lexington KY. I have worked with Dr. Gregory for 14 yrs. Through the years of working with Dr. Gregory, I have experienced some amazing things, from watching young children to elderly adults come into our office with complaints of pain and leave with a smile and comfort on their faces. To me that is a reward in itself. Our office is a family oriented and welcoming we strive to make sure our patients feel their health is at our best of interest. If you’re experiencing any discomfort and would like to seek chiropractic care, consider us as your care giver. We will make sure your experience is one to remember. I look forward to meeting you someday.

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